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Hiding And Finding

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After a short “log discussion” with YianniG at Temple of Artemis Agrotera – Athens, I found out that there is problem concerning who is hiding and who is finding. YianniG said: “geocaching is not only finding or not only hiding caches... there must be a balance between these two so everyone must help all the others.» and by the way he is right. When I started geocaching, I was wondering what must the quota be between founds and placed. I’m proposing one: for every 10 finds, hide one. I’m trying to apply to this rule I placed for my geocaching activity, and It is working.


I Know it is difficult to maintain a large number of caches but maintaining 5 caches ( 50 finds) can’t be that difficult.


The other problem that occurs when only few geocachers hide caches is purely geographical. The example of Athens, where the large majority of caches is situated in the southern suburbs, is a problem. Hey u in the northern suburbs, what about hiding a cache or 2.




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Very nice topic my friend SerZ.It worried me a lot in the past.

When I started geocaching, here in Attika there were about 6-7 caches all around ...

How would you feel then? So I thought that someone had to start placing more caches in Athens and its suburbs.As I live at the southern suburbs, it was very normal to fill little by little the southern areas with them!

Today I am glad that there is a large number of geocaches at my area and also around Attika.

EVERYONE has the power to hide a cache, I think it is hard to accept the idea.Everything is in our mind.If we are used to the "ready" products then we are the types of geocachers who always try to discover the hidden caches...these are the followers (according to me).

If we are a little different and we like things on our own way, then we get out and we build our schedules, we make our rules, we write our history out there...

It is a matter of how we feel inside.

Personally I am glad that lately many local geocachers show that they are creative minds and they have left missery behind.My friends I am glad that our sport is waking up and we enjoy its bennefits.With just buying a GPS unit we can enjoy so much of nature, adventure, training in so many ways like mountain-biking, swimming, wading, hiking, driving on gravel mountain roads etc.


I am really happy to know the most all you.Whether you place or not new caches, you will still be my geocacing friends !




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