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Which Gps Is Mac Compatible?

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Right now, no GPS company has a lot of official support for the Mac. However, if you get a Garmin GPS, there are quite a few Mac programs that people have written to communicate with their Garmin GPS units.


Secondly, earlier this year Garmin officially announced that they would ramp up their support for the Mac. So, a Garmin GPS is good for you now, and hopefully the experience will be even better if the future.


I am a happy Mac user who uses a program called "GPS connect" to load waypoints into my Garmin eTrex Venture. :P

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None that is officially compatible. But some USB based Garmins can be considered partially compatible with Mac OS X eg. Nuvi. By this I mean the memory drive can be mounted in OS X Finder. Other USB based units like Vista Cx/Legend Cx does not mount under OS X. The mountable units permits you to upload and download files on it eg. Updating the firmware. Then there are a number of 3rd party softwares that permits up and download of waypoints, tracks etc. But there are no solutions for the installation of maps on Macs at the present time (unless you have an Intel Mac). We'll have to wait for Garmin's release of MapSource for Mac.

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Just as a point of reference, I have been able to load City Navigator maps and perform firmware updates on my 60CSx under Virtual PC on my 1GHz iBook. Map loading was quite slow, it took better than 2.5 hours to load about 950mb of maps, but it did work. I was also able to load City Select maps on to my GPS V (before it was stolen) using the same setup.


Doug G

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I have a dual 2.0 GHz desktop and have experienced fairly quicker times loading maps using VPC. Processor speed will make a pretty big difference. But the main point is, yes, Macs can be made to work pretty well with several of the Garmin units and, with luck by the end of the year we'll be in even better shape.

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