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Just wanting to get some opinions. There are two geocaches in the UAE which are both located just off from Sheik Zayed Road. For those of you who do not know, SZR is a 8-lane highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is very heavily traveled. Both of these caches would potentially require an individual to park on the hard shoulder to conduct the search. At least one of them would require an individual to definitely park on the hard shoulder.


Should these caches be archived, or in the words of another goecacher - "Some caches are not for everyone"?



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I don’t know what the archiving rules are, and I suppose you could look them up (if there is such thing) or ask the moderator. However, I know this:

If in anyway, I come across a cache that I believe is posing a threat to fellow geocachers, then I will make a note of it in my listed log and alert others about it including the cache owner.

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Would it be illegall to park on the shoulder of this road? (or just dangerous?)

Are you sure seekers would have to park on the road? Are there no alternate routes to get to these caches?? (and have you asked the owners about it)


You can report them to whatever reviewer oversees that area, but unless its apperent the caches are either illegal or (maybe) potentially very dangerous they probably won't do anything.

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