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Cache Descriptions On Blackberry

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I have a work issued Blackberry and used it for a little while as an attempt to go paperless. I was using Mobipocket Reader on the device. For me I thought it was pretty worthless overall and since, I have abandoned the idea in favor of using a good ol dedicated PDA. The three main things that I didn't like about it were:


1) No touch screen, doing everything via the track wheel is doable but not as convenient as a PDA touch-screen.


2) If there is a cache that you were after and wanted to resort to using it's hint (if it had one) you had to go to another area of the database under "Appendix" if I remember right to get the info. Many times it seemed pretty easy to get things out of whack buy bouncing from one part of the file (cache description) to it's matching hint.


3) Overall it's harder to read all the cache's data on a small Blackberry screen vs. a larger PDA screen


It would be nice to use just one device such as a Blackberry for geocaching but for me at least, the negatives and frustrations of using a Blackberry for geocaching outweigh the inconvenience of bringing along a dedicated PDA.


Don't get me wrong since my Blackberry is work supplied I still bring it with me when I geocache but I use it for more practical purposes such as a wheel chock for when I park on steep hills or even as a coaster when I stop somewhere for lunch.


As a business tool the Blackberry is OK (great for email, so so for most of the other things it does or tries to do) but for caching I’d go with a dedicated PDA.


These are my geocaching experiences so there! (all kidding aside I hope this helps)



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