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Newbe here:


Can't seem to find the correct meaning to what a Micro Cache is. Just starting out and found a cache close to my home an within walking distance. I know I shouldn't be looking for a micro cache this early in my career of geocaching but would like to find this one.


Could someone explain what a micro cache is or link me to a glossary of terms that would explain this an other geocaching terms.


Thanks for any help,


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From the guidelines:

Cache Sizes


Cache sizes for all caches that have a physical container.

Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller, typically containing only a logbook)

Small (Decon container, sandwich-sized Tupperware-style container or similar, holds trade items as well as a logbook)

Regular (Tupperware-style container or ammo can)

Large (5 gallon bucket or larger)



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A micro cache usually only contains a log to sign, and there is no room for anything else. Popular micro containers are the capsules 35mm film comes in, magnetic hide-a-keys, and some containers that are even smaller.


If it's within walking distance, go for it. It may be easier than you think, or very hard, but once you find caches of a particular style, finding others will be easier. Since it is so close, it's a good place to learn, because if you can't find it, it's not that far to go to try again. I have a micro I can't find, a very clever one, but it's over 30 miles away, and returning to search is not very convenient.


If you can't find it, try contacting the owner or someone who has found it, most often they will be glad to help someone new to the game.

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A micro can be ANYTHING small. Prepare to be surprised. When we look for micros we typically try to touch EVERYTHING! Run your hands on the entire bench, lightpost, tree, etc. Even something flat can have a log taped to the back. If you can't find a micro, read the other posts or e-mail the owner for a hint. Owners LOVE to know they have stumped someone and will normally guide you to their clever hide! An ammo can in the woods that takes forever just makes you frustrated, but a clever micro has a terrific adrenaline rush of AHA!

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We have seen micros that were "slimeys" as in slim, were it was just a refrigerator magnet and a log stuck to something metal, those annoying geocaching.com tubes hanging in trees (I just don't like em', can't see them, get all pikked up looking for them). Even saw one of those tubes that was the size of a small fishing lure - only about 1.5 inches long crammed in a giant tree (almost did not find that one). The micros we have found are mostly hide-a-keys and film canisters though.


I just hid a micro in a fake dog dodo, to keep it interesting - so you never know where they will be hidden.

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