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What Does "move To Last Location" Do?


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On a TB page of bugs I own there is a dropdown with a "GO" button beside it. Options include "Recalculate Distance" and "Mark bug missing" which are self explanatory but "Move to last location" is unclear (to me anyway) and I can't seem to find a description of how that is supposed to work anywhere. So - how is it supposed to work? When is it intended to be used? What are the side effects of using it (if any)?



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I left one of my TB's(at 0 miles) in a cache and after 3 weeks it was still there so I went and picked it up and moved it to another cache. But I didn't want the miles added because it felt like I was cheating, so when I logged it in the new cache, I went to the box and put move to new location and it didn't add any miles to it. ;)

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