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What Am I Doing Wrong?


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Yesterday my niece and I went 0 for 2 (0 for 3, if you count the final attempt which was cut short by rain). This was our second day out geocaching. Our first day we were 3 for 4, which I see as respectable. The caches I'm DNFing are easy ones. I really think I must be doing something wrong.


For a list of the caches I haven't been able to find, read on. But I am wondering if someone in Southeastern New England (specifically the Seekonk, Attleboro, Pawtucket area) would be willing to take this newbie along while looking for some caches. I'd pay for coffee, doughnuts, etc. and maybe you could offer some tips and/or show me what I'm doing wrong. Please e-mail me at: ringo67@eartlink.net if you're interested.


So far my DNFs include Seekonk Middle School, Play Ball, Got Dam?, and an aborted attempt at Seekonk Library. At each of the first three, my niece and I have combed the areas, using my GPS and a compass to try and locate the hiding spot.


Play Ball I chalk up to being a new cache (thought it might be a FTF, too), but it seems like everybody could find Got Dam? I think I was getting some wierd bounces off the dam or something.


If anybody has some hints for a newbie, I'd appreciate your replies, even if you can't take me along on a geocaching outing.



- Ringo67

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Sometimes the cache isn't as easy as the star ratings imply. At least one of those caches listed has stumped a few people, don't give up. Some hiders are pretty clever. If they're micros, they can be just about anywhere. When you get to where your GPS shows ground zero, or close to it, stick the GPS and compass in your pocket and just start looking and thinking about where you might hide it. Good luck.

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