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Micro / Nano Caches In Urban Areas

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If it's not mentioned that there is no log book in cache detail submissions the reviewers wouldn't know .


Which is true, but remember if it comes to the attention of the my colleagues and I, that the cache does not have a log book. We will have no option but to take the appropriate actions.


We have found two new caches in the last month that don't have log books .


If the 2 caches come to our attention, we will have no option but to Temporarily Disable them, to give the cache owners chance to supply the cache with a log book to meet the listing requirements.


If someone wishes to privately contact the cache owners and point them in the direction of this topic, so that they become aware that there are cache issues which need attending to. Then Lactodorum and I will never become aware that there was any issues that need dealing with.


Excuse the lack of quoting from above, but if you have read the thread it will make sense.


It is interesting you make the comment about not having a log. I say this because it was suggested by a well respected cacher that I convert one of my caches to do exactly the same as here to try and prevent weather damage of the log. Currently I am changing the cache every few weeks. Personally I don’t like the concept of having to do extra things to log on top of finding it and signing the log, but that is a personal opinion.


Again if you had followed the advice and it came to our attention, we would have had no choice but to take the appropriate actions.


The guidelines state that at the minimum a cache must have a "log book".



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As I said in my earlier phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes-inducing post, of course there is a place for micros/zeptos (good word) – I have a few micros out myself – but the consensus seems to be that they should be regarded as an opportunity to do something clever or elaborate, which is great, rather than use them as deliberately and unnecessarily difficult finds. Hiding a micro in the rectum of a reasonably patient and immobile (and hopefully toothless) adder is a great idea but chucking a dog tag ID barrel into/onto a field/beach/meadow/forest and saying it’s near some trees/in some grass/under some sand/in a twig doesn’t spawn a huge amount of fun unless it’s still attached to the dog, I suppose.


There is another point to this though: if you’re looking for a wee cache and there is a general description of the area and a bad clue, how much damage are you going to do by trampling an area the size of a squash court even if you and the setter have the best satellite reception ever recorded by man?

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