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Problems With Pocket Query

zwei of us

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Hi all,


I have recently signed up for premium mebership to take advantage of the pocet query function. I have been running queries but for some reason they are not emailing out ot me. I have tried sending to alternate addresses. I have created and run (i think) numerous queries which I can view through the web browser, but which arent being emailed to me. Strangely enough all my queries appear in the "my Pocket queries" page under "last generated PST" as NEVER. Im thoroughly confused and would really like to get GSAk up and running as soon as possible. Any help would be much apprecieted. Cheers.

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I am a regular pocket query user and I have also had problems with pocket queries not emailing to me over the weekend. I got my regular saturday ones, but added one on sunday AM (clicked the sunday box) and it never arrived. Today I added 2 on Monday (not exceeding my 5/day limit) and haven't gotten them yet. Usually it only takes a few minutes to process & mail them, but the sunday ones never came at all. The PQ page says they haven't been generated for a month or more. I think the issue mught be with the PQ generator.


...I have been running queries but for some reason they are not emailing out ot me.

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