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Eng: Nearest Caches Trucated?, From 100 Miles To 50 Miles => Biiig Problems


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I was looking up nearby caches when I noticed my list was a lot shorter. I found only 2 caches! :P It seems that it goes out to only 50 miles (80.5 km) where before it went out to 100 miles (161 km)!

I tried ro run a search from the hide and seek a cache page, but it gave the same result, and the result is not nice: 2 caches! I searched with my homecoordinates, as I live in Finland and postalnumbers only work

in US. I understand that this change is good for places where there are lots of caches, but everyone are not that happy! How am I going to get a list withing about 200 miles? Isn't it painful enough that I have to drive that far? Petrol is realy expensive, 1.31 euro/liter! :D


I have three suggestions: :D


1) Place a button somewhere that gives a search for about 200 miles, and/or make it changable. Maybe you can save it in the user account! This is very important in regions, where there are not that many caches available and we have to drive over 200 miles to enjoy this nice hobby. And now it only shows 50 miles! It must be easy to find the caches. You can check out how it works for me in Finland with my homcoordinates: N63'40,137 E022'41,222.


2) Everywhere you can give coordinates, give a button that puts in your homecoordinates.


3) Make a parameter where you can choose that you want only to find caches in your own country. This is a problem if you live, as I, at the see and have only 50 miles to Sweden. I thank you for rapidly answers and I hope you have good answers. This is a very nice hobby, but a bit expensive because I have to drive very far. I'm trying to get more geocachers in my region, but is a bit slow.

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