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Possible Cito Event In Scranton

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As a graduate of Da U, I applaud your interest!


Start here: http://www.cacheintrashout.org/howtoorganize.aspx


Then, if you like, you might see if this can piggyback a little bit on your CITO event: http://www.greatpacleanup.org/ (This is what I did with this CITO, for example: Left Nothing; Took Another Dump )


Don't let the scope of the event phase you: a small CITO is very helpful. A big CITO is also very helpful. Do what you can handle. You'll be surprised at the support that the community is happy to give you. Just ask. :anibad: Post back here if you have more questions.



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I will look into this before easter break. but if anyone can help me find out who the land manager for the scranton heritage trail is (especially the area around the new cache and the archeived cache). No one on campus knows.


I know there are a lot of cachers in the area, and I want to have one last horray in scranton before I graduate.

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Hey Bjornian, what a great idea! You need to contact the Lackawanna River Corridor Association. They are in charge of the trail, I believe. Their office is at 2006 N. Main St. in Scranton, and the phone number is 347-6311. If they are not the people in charge, I'm sure they can tell you who to contact. Good luck, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that this works out!

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