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Cache Quandary


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...What would you suggest I do? This is the first time I've had a cache replaced then multiple people find and log it. Should I delete all the logged finds? Delete only the ones that signed the ziplock bag or just let it slide? The ones that found the replacement container really had no clue as to what was going on...


...I think all of the cachers involved have either contacted me with plans of redoing the cache or have changed it to a note. I think it's clear that the majority of cachers don't scrutinize every single numbered find to the nth degree...

how about...since the original question has been answered...this thread gets locked and we move on?


No no, we can't lock this. I ran over this evening and checked the original log and a number of you have scribbled your name and I can't read hide nor hair of who signed what.........Just kidding!...... :grin:

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