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Custom Turn By Turn Possible W/dr And Exploist 500?

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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but here goes. Is it possible to make a custom turn by turn route with a explorist 500 using DirectRoute? From something I read elsewhere I'm unsure. I want to load a custom route into the gps to use with my motorcycle. I don't want to just have the gps decide for me how to get somewhere, rather, I'd like it to tell me when to turn to follow a course of my choosing. Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hi, I noticed that your question had not received any replies. Since it's more of a technical question than a "Getting Started" question, I'm moving your topic over to the GPS Units and Software Forum. Hopefully, someone there is familiar with the routing capabilities of this popular GPS.

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Yep, DirectRoute will do that...sorta. Search for "DirectRoute on the eXplorist:" in this review I helped write for some screen shots of what this looks like in action.


The limitation you will find in DirectRoute is that you are limited in shaping the route to your preferences. DR calculates the route based upon the current position and the destination, with no means to specify how to get there. This often means DR chooses some way other than you would prefer...and if you are going on a bike joyride, you will be unable to specify where you want to turn and in which direction.


Read this thread for a fuller discussion of differences between Garmin and Magellan autorouting implimentations.


Now, you *can* design and load a route of the type you seem to want if you make it a point-to-point route. However, this route will only point you in the direction of the next waypoint "as the crow flies", and will not have turn-by-turn street directions.


I think you want a Garmin product that will allow you to specify a series of via points to shape the route that includes turn-by-turn directions.

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I can confirm that with Garmin CitySelect, you can set up turn by turn directions as explicitly as you like. I do this regularly to set up bicycle rides for my wife when she doesn't know the route as I do, or when I'm trying a route I don't know myself but have a cue sheet for.



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