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I never know if something is really new, or if it's been there a while and I'm just now noticing it--not exactly the best skill set for caching.


When did they add the "From" line to the forum?


Nice addition when helping noobs get oriented, and just as a matter of general interst. Thanks.

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I noticed this feature about a week ago and thought it was a nice touch - gives kind of a sense of place to this virtual forum world we all get lost in. (My apologies to the sense of place geo-stuff we're all here for in the first place.) My 'from' doesn't seem to show under my avitar whether I'm logged in or out though. I've checked my edit profile page and the 'from' dialog box is filled in. Thankfully I know where I am.... I think. Any ideas?

- Kewaneh (maybe lost)

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