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60csx And Nroute

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I just updated my unit to 2.60 and I noticed some weird things when using it with nRoute. First the wandering problem is more pronounced in nRoute. Actually, it might be the same, however the nRoute software takes every single position update and counts it as a move. I have been sitting here for 15 min, and havent moved, but the nRoute trip computer says that I have moved .26 miles. My gps units trip computer says i have only moved 106 feet. The nRoute moving time is at 10 min, while the gps says 1 min. I guess the "buffering" software on the unit is more forgiving than the more "literal" software on nRoute. Also, I dont think that the magnetic compass sends orientation data to nRoute. The map orientation in nRoute is all over the place. Is anyone else having this problem?

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I haven't used nRoute, so I can't address most of your issues. However, it's clear that magnetic orientation data can't be meaningfully used in nRoute - the compass on the GPSr can only tell you which way that unit is facing. Given that the GPSr could be oriented very differently from the laptop, there's not really much point in sending that data.



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