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Explorist Xl

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Well, here's one thread Explorist XL.


Search requires at least 4 letters to work. Also, the world has not gone entirely Garmin but I think Magellan is making a lot of mistakes and pushing people that way. I'm a loyal Platinum user but am starting to think Garmin for my next GPS and DDs. Reason, Magellan's licensing policy on its DVD Mapsend is for a single GPS. What do we do in that case. First, its seems unfair to ask us each to buy a separate copy at $160 or so. Second, even if you did buy two copies you can't load two on the same computer readily. Garmin at least officially licenses for two GPSrs. So, Magellan is making me lean away from them. Besides, I think their technology is starting to lag a bit.



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Om my Direct route software V2, I can change the GPS serieal number four times. Then if I unistall that software I can start all over again.

With the use a large SD card you can load more map than you will never need.


Also, if you happen to have more than one computer, just load in on each one.


separate copy at $160 or so.

Don't buy it from Magellan. I got my copy of direct route online for about $80.00

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Is that Ver 2.0 or Ver. 3.0 of Direct Route. Oh by the way if you have a large enough hard drive, why not partition it out and then have a multi startup of windows with DR in each startup. This way you don't have to worry about the serial number every time or unloading and reloading DR when you hit 4 serial numbers.

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