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Help Locating Benchmark

Team CeDo

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While out looking for "Lost your marbles?" :lol: (which you had to be to find this one) in Myakka State Park, we came across this benchmark located at: N 27 15.957 and W: 082 17.482 it is on top of the dadgum on the eastern side, the water level was low enough to walk across to find the cache on the other side. On the way back i saw this, the benchmark was marked as follows: BM 6021 across the top of the disc , then there was a "T" bar in the middle of the disk the upper left had: LB55, the upper right: 23, the lowerleft: ELE, and the lower right: 15.99 at the bottom of the disc were the letters: WMBR. i have read info on the forum here about how to locate this, however NO luck as i am new to benchmarks. Could someone please help me to locate this. I was just suprised that with the caches that are in Myakka, that i was not able to find this one easier, i"m sure other hunters have seen. I do have a picture if you need them-thanks becky

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Team CeDo,

After doing a search around those coordinates, it looks like your disk isn't in the database. It qualifies as one of the gazillion of other disks in the US not in the database.


What agency name was stamped on the disk? If it was a local agency, or the US Geological Survey, you might be able to report it to their office (not online).


I would encourage you to create a Waymarking point (www.Waymarking.com) for the benchmark.

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It appears that there is no lettering or logo cast into the disk-it is a generic disk entirely hand-stamped for identification. That probably indicates it was placed by a local surveyor or contractor in the course of some work and all documentation remains with that company. Possibly the stamping includes their serial number and record book/page number. Initials of the surveyor at the bottom.

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