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Firmware Update For 60csx?

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Has anyone out there gotten any inside scoop of exactly when Garmin is going to post a firmware update on the 60CSx to deal with it's multiple shortcomings?

About the only issue that I've gotten Garmin tech weenies to 'fess up to, and say they're addressing with an update, is the "wandering" issue.

I can't believe they're been this long about fixing some of these problems! Maybe this means they're actually tackling some of the trickier issues like the alarm clock function and the barometric graphing also?

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I have read somewhere in this forum that Garmin watches it? Perhaps if we all write in this tread, Garmin can post a reply?


I’m waiting for an update that can fix the problem where the GPS looses its signal when driving through tunnels. The road from Aalesund to Bergen, here in Norway, has 29 tunnels!!! :P

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If they fix the wandering and the loosing reception after the tunnel issue I will be a very happy camper. I was considering going to the Explorist 600 but looks like they have lots of FW issues too. As far as battery life it's really only a problem if you compare it to the 60CS. I love the reception of the SIRF. I am on the 3rd floor of a 30 floor bulding downtown SF and get reception.

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Exchanging a 60csx for an x600 for firmware issues? I have both and think that's out of the frying pan into the fire... As perspective, 600 has been out about a year. 60CSX has been out for something like three weeks, but both have had exactly the same number of firmware updates since they shipped.


The absence of PVT on USB (you might know it as "realtime tracking, ala Nroute") and the failure to regain bearings after a lost lock seem to be the issues most likely to be addressed.


I think the alarm clock is just plain gone. I'd wager the current chipsets just don't have it.

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