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  1. I did some caching several years ago. I am looking to get my boys into it now as they are of age and interested. I know when I was more active with looking for the caches I would try to be the first to find on some new ones and I always would run into other people on the hunt. As far as running into families there are some child/kid caches in some areas that can get a lot of attention on weekends during nice weather.
  2. If I can get it to fit into a small international flat rate box it would be $5 extra. If I have to use a standard box it would be $10 extra since I would lose the flat rate.
  3. I have had this Garmin eTrex for a couple years now but it has only seen use for several months. A new job and a move has left it boxed up. It is time to let her go to someone who will actually use it! The screen comes with a protector on it and it has always had it on as well as being in the shown case. The user manual, lanyard, brand new cord (I have several garmin units so never needed to take this cord out), 1 gig micro SD card, Foarm case, and all else seen in the photos are included in this sale. Let me know if you have any questions. $130 shipped for everything
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Any more info about the gps specific cases would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. I had a Gilsson for my last 60 series unit and I liked how well it was made and how easy it was to use. I am getting a Vista HCX and want to put it in a case to keep the wear down. I have read a lot of reviews on both the Garmin and Gilsson cases but want to hear from you guys before I pull the trigger. If yo have a favorite or if you have dislikes please post why. Thanks!
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies, emails, and PMs. Everything has been sold.
  7. I have a 60CSX for sale that has been well taken care of and also has the most updated firmware and chipset firmare. It comes with the original box and paperwork, an unopened PC cord, the 64mb microsd card and a Glisson neoprene cover. It has been covered since we had it so there is very minimal wear. I can throw on a state of your choice from Topo 2008 if you wish. There is nothing wrong with the unit but we want to upgrade to a more single unit for paperless geocaching. $270 shipped Priority Mail with delivery confirmation via paypal or money order
  8. I have one with the neoprene case. I have never had any issues with it but looking for another unit (possibly the Colorado). I think I have a spare micro card that is small in storage size that I can throw in. I have the original box and stuff that comes with it. I can also load 2008 topo map segments of your area if you want. Looking for $265 shipped.
  9. I would be interested to see what people say to this as I have a microSD with SD adapter as well and if I were to upgrade to the Colorado it would be nice not to have to purchase another card.
  10. Is it worth getting it over the older version?
  11. I would think that it would depend on the draw from the batteries. If they are getting low then the clock will suffer. Does anyone know if the GPSr actually has a watch sized battery in it to keep time like a computer does?
  12. I have a garmin 205 and dont see the point in training while carrying another gps? If I wanted to know where geocaches were and also how fast I am moving I could use the standard gps. I just dont see the need to wear the receiver on your wrist or bike and then have another bigger receiver there while you train.
  13. Another question about start up time. While it is loading the maps is it getting a fix on your location or is that done after the 40s start up?
  14. Does anyone think that the 400 with maps loaded on a SD card will be loaded differently or faster so that start times are quicker? I have the 2008 topo already so I am considering the less expensive 400 and just buying a big SD card.
  15. Man this new unit seems to be a winner. I wish I had waited a bit longer before upgrading to the 60csx. Or if they really wanted to revamp the geocaching portion of the "old" 60 series that would be nice. I wonder how long it will take to get a firmware upgrade to fix these issues noted above?
  16. Agreed. Well, there is room for improvement, especially for SD-card features. But all in all a great unit. This is how I feel.
  17. I got mine from Outpost.com and I know amazon has them as well. These are two older and reputable companies.
  18. Here is the link to their reseller ratings. I would read through this before you purchase. Also look to see if anyone has had any problems with rebates from this comp as well. http://www.resellerratings.com/seller2897.html
  19. I have a x50v that I use with my 60csx to do paperless caching. I use gpx sonar on the PPC to store the cache information and make notes. I also use TomTom on the PPC with a bluetooth holux gpslim 236 for driving/autorouting when I travel. I have tried using beeline GPS on the PPC to use soley for finding caches but found it kinda clumsy to use. Also, I would rather have the PPC safe in a pocket and the standard GPSr in my hand when caching. The PPC can't take the abuse and I dont want to risk it.
  20. I just went with it as it is a good price. I can get topo and driving maps on there along with thousands of POI files and caches.
  21. I received a reply to my email from Garmin tech support on this icon issue, and they requested that I send in a sample custom POI file along with my custom icon .bmp, which I promptly did! So they are working on this! I'll post any future news on this as I get it. Now this is good news.
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