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Anyone Else Not Getting Topic Subscription Emails?


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Found the problem... when the forum software was "upgraded", there was a "notification type" option added for topic notification emails. The problem is that, even when the checkbox is checked to turn notifications on, there's still an option below that for notification type which defaults to "no email notification". :anicute:


I changed that setting to "instant email notification" and changed all of my existing topic subscriptions to the same thing, and now it all seems to work. The "delayed email notification" that old (pre-"upgrade") subscriptions default to doesn't appear to work.

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Subscribing with no notification is kind of like how we get our magazines in New Orleans - we don't!


I guess subscribing wihtout notification is for making a watchlist.


The UI on this board has some funny rough edges - I like the "Amend my email settings" button and "Close Fast Reply" button.

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