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Logging Travel Bug Miles Without Finding A Cache

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I found a 2005 jeep travel bug and wanted to take it to Central America on a recent trip. While traveling, I took photos of the bug and the coordinates but was unable to actually go caching as there are few caches there and I had limited transportation and time to find those few and far between. Is there a way to still log the miles for the bug? Thanks. Travel Bug Lady

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I recently did this myself. My son and I were going out for a road trip with caching of course, and we found a cache full of TB's. They were for a school project. We took twelve with us on a several hundred mile road trip. Due to a sting of technical problems we were only able to do ten caches, all at the beging of the trip. I e-mailed the owners of several caches that were in the cities we were in and explained what happened and that I wanted to post a note on there page and log the TB's in and out so the kids could track them. None of the owners had a problem with that since I was not logging it as a find. I think it is cool to see wher a TB has been on its journey.

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