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Coordinates Downloading Wrong

Tuff E Nuff

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If anyone can tell me what happened, when I download the geocache coordinates by clicking the box on the right it downloads to a file in my documents but when I double check the coordinates my computer has downloaded the wrong numbers. this only seemd to start happening after I downloaded cachemate and the cmconverter that I was supposed to download. also it turned all the names in my gps to letters and numbers (I guess its the cache id) but now my gps has all the wrong coordinates too :( my gps is a legend and the settings are hddd.ddddd WGS84 Does anyone know what is wrong? I have been working on this for hours :( Thanks

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I think I am making progress, I went to my easy gps and there was no format under preferences so I changed that to match my gps. Now when I download the coordinates from geocache.com the coordinates are still off by 10 or so on the last digits on the coordinates. In other words they dont match the geocache coordinates exactly but close. when I download the coordinates from geocache to my cachemate in my palm they are exact. (I did actually get that to work by myself! :(

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Thanks for your help when I went back again to check my preferences in easy gps, the was the word world, when I clicked on that it gave me specific areas of the world like...North America DUH! When I changed that the coordinates then matched exactly and went into my gps exactly PHEW! No wonder I was walking through a bunch of garbage today and never found the cache. that was exhausting i think Im going to bed. Thanks again! I think Im caching on.... that was bad! Patty

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