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Attributes In Cache Discription?


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Kemo, when you create a cache, you'll be asked to "Add/Update Attributes". That page defines what all the symbols are. Also, if you're looking at someone else's cache, and hold your cursor over each symbol, it'll tell you what it means.

Here's a list I copy/pasted from one of my "Add Attribute" pages. As you can see, there are 5 basic groups of symbols, Permissions, Special Equipment Required, Conditions, Hazards and Facilities. I couldn't get the symbols to show up, so all you get is the text. Hopefully somebody a bit more computer savy than me can display the symbols for you.


Permissions Allowed Not Allowed N/R





Off-road vehicles





Special Equipment Required Not Required N/R

Access or parking fee

Climbing gear


Scuba gear


Conditions Yes No N/R

Recommended for kids

Takes less than an hour

Significant hike

Difficult climbing

May require wading

May require swimming

Available at all times

Recommended at night

Available during winter

Scenic view

Stealth required

Needs maintainence


Hazards Present Not Present N/R

Cliff / falling rocks


Dangerous area

Poison plants




Abandoned mines


Facilities Yes No N/R

Wheelchair accessible

Camping available

Parking available

Public transportation

Picnic tables nearby

Drinking water nearby

Public restrooms nearby

Telephone nearby

Stroller accessible

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:) What do the attributes mean in the cache discription? Its the area on the right side of the screen under navigation with different pics. I can understand some of them, but is there a place on the web site that tells you specifically what they are?


Thanks, sorry for all the posts...

The simple answer is... just hold your mouse pointer over them, and the description will pop up.

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