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C.i.t.o Event

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hi i am organising a c.i.t.o event in the medway area for the 22nd april 06. it will be around the medway city estate an the saxon shore way as there are a number of caches along the parth but sadly the litter spoils the walk.


so far i have kindly been given the use of ips international.s car park to use as a meeting point etc an am currently waiting on some replys from the council. im also trying to sort out refreshments etc.


please let me no if anyone is intrested



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come on every one i need to no if people are intrested. im teaming up with chopper69 an were hoping its going to be a big one. as i asked my collage for use of there car park (not decided wether we are going to use it yet) they are intrested in supporting the project an some how the km newspaper seems to want dibs in the story too. you no what newspapers are like an as they are right next door to the collage i think they were listning throw the walls. dadgum reporters.



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From experience a lot of the people that turn up, don't frequent the forums, I don't rely on asking people if they will attend a possible event by asking on here. What I advise and is what I have done, is go ahead and submit the event page, you will see people coming out of the woodwork, others will turn up on tha day that haven't said so before hand.


You must remember that the forums are only supported by a small percentage of the UK cachers, most don't even look at them.


Good luck with the event.

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