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Wanted: Techie With Spare Time


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I am seeking someone to assist me, because I am blissfully ignorant of how to deal with the used PDA I have. Well, it was blissful for the first 3 seconds, now Im just frustrated.

I got a used Palm VIIx and the guy who had it before me erased the start up disc completely etc...All I want to do is go paperless in order to save my knees and back, which are pretty far gone as it is.

I can make head nor tails from the owners manual.

If you are willing to help a newbie and are EXCESSIVELY REASONABLE about the cost of your services, I would glady like to get an e mail from you...

The unit has EVERYTHING, including the box and worthless CD.


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Goto here and download the appropriate Desktop software (found just under HotSync at mid page). The software should install reasonably easy and the Palm will then sync to your computer.


Then you're set to get started. You'll probably want some software on the palm. You could just load the pages but it wouldn't be as useful. I've used CacheMate and liked it. It's an inexpensive but not free program.

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I use CetusGPS on my Palm IIIxe... and I'm pretty happy with it. It's totally free software, and talks to pretty much any GPSr (although it really wants to be connected to the GPSr, which Cachemate doesn't need). I've been using a Palm for other things (like appointment calendar and do list) since they first came out... I worked for U S Robotics at that time.


I'm in Chicago, so you can probably find help closer, but feel free to email me with questions if I can be any help. I make my living now doing computer support for small businesses and individuals....


Dick "RheS" Smith

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