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To ensure that this forum is a success, please respect our ground rules when it comes to discussions of selling and trading of geocoins:


  • This forum may be used for selling, trading or giving away of geocoins which are trackable on Geocaching.com. This includes any trackable coin produced by an individual, business or geocaching organization. Non-trackable coins may be posted for trade by individual coin owners. The proceeds from a permitted coin sale can be used for any purpose, such as personal profit, support of a geocaching organization, or to benefit a charitable cause.
  • Links to Ebay sales of trackable geocoins are permitted, but only for unactivated coins or sales where the seller is the actual coin owner or the coin owner has granted explicit permission for the sale of their coin.
  • Those choosing to participate in an exchange on this board take full responsibility for any consequences of that exchange. Geocaching HQ is in no way involved in the sale or trading of items on this board and will not be held responsible or liable in any way for quality issues, fraud or any default of transfer on the part of the buyer or seller.
  • Individual negotiations or information exchanges should take place through private e-mail or telephone correspondence, not on this board. Please use the communication tools provided on the site or private email.
  • Posts made with the intention of soliciting customers to a coin selling, tracking, or manufacturing website will not be tolerated. Links to other commercial coin selling, coin tracking, coin trading and coin manufacturing web sites will be permitted only with permission from Geocaching HQ. Permission requests may be sent to geocoins@geocaching.com.
  • The only exceptions to the Geocaching Forum Guidelines are listed above, standard forum etiquette will apply to all discussions in the geocoin forum. Geocaching HQ reserves the right to determine if any posts are inappropriate for this board. No cross posting, spam or other abuses will be tolerated. Cross posting in the regional forum for specific regional coins will be permitted.
  • (ADDED 4-4-06) Promotion of coin and pin combinations are permitted where trackable coins are being promoted in conjunction with pins which are directly related to the trackable coins being sold. The coins and related pins must be sold at the same time and on the same website.
  • (ADDED 3-12-15) Since Geocaching HQ discourages virtual logging of trackables, we will not permit TB codes to be posted in the Geocaching Forums at this time.
  • (ADDED 09-14-22) Updated email address in bullet #5 to geocoins@geocaching.com


Please Note: The guidelines above are specific for the geocoin forum, threads mentioning charitable solicitations will not be allowed in any other forum without express permission from Geocaching HQ.

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