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:P NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release For Information: (208) 884-7231 September 27, 2005 Contact: Rick Ohnsman Agency Information Officer "Geo-cache treasure" turns into trouble S uspected bomb under SH-55 bridge closes road for six hours What probably started as an innocent game kicked law enforcement, transportation, and public safety officials into high gear Tuesday morning just after 9:00 a.m. when a suspicious object was found under what is referred to by many as the 'Rainbow Bridge.' The historic bridge which spans the North Fork of the Payette River thirteen miles south of Cascade was closed for six hours while a Boise Police Department Bomb squad was summoned and officials worried over a suspiciously rigged plastic bucket suspended under the bridge and secured with ropes and wires. Copper wires extended from the bucket and at the top of the bridge, a bouquet of flowers were placed. It was only later in the afternoon at about 2:15 p.m. when the person who had placed the object came to the scene to reveal the object was a 'geo-cache ', an object hidden to be found by others using GPS (global positioning satellite) devices in a kind of electronic treasure hunt. (Info on geo caching here -- http://www.geocaching.com/faq/ ) The object was initially spotted by Rick Smith, an Idaho Transportation Department bridge inspector who was conducting a routine inspection of the bridge. Upon spotting the device, he immediately alerted the Valley County Sheriff's Office who then contacted the Idaho State Police and Idaho Transportation Department to close the highway five miles in each direction from the bridge. Although some traffic was rerouted with a pilot car over the Smith's Ferry Road, larger trucks were made to wait and traffic backed up for miles along SH-55. Motorists were also instructed to use SH-95 as an alternate route. Traffic was resumed just before 4:00 p.m. Valley County officials have not arrested the 33-year-old Meridian man who placed the object, but are considering possible charges as the investigation continues.

Boise Police Department Bomb Squad officials report this is not the first time a geo-cache object has raised the eyebrows of police. Though they have not previously mobilized a full response to such an object, they have taken calls and been alerted on several previous occasions when similar objects were found. "Geo-cachers have rules that speak to the kinds of objects that should not be hidden and locations where they should not be placed such as on public structures, in historic areas, and in spots where they might be interpreted to be terrorist threats," said Boise Police Information Officer, Lynn Hightower. "This location, under a historic bridge on a main highway, over a railroad track along a scenic river broke probably every rule. It's a good example of why people who engage in this game must be familiar with the rules and use common sense."

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