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People who live near the area of the island Kythira and the island Crete-Chania really suffer and many of them have seen their houses damaged...

Let's hope that there won't be a stronger one around.


By the time of the earthquake I was on a mountain nearby Athens, riding my mountain bike and with mission:geocaching...so I felt nothing...

Generally Athens has not any casualties...


Thanks for the interest my friend !

Take care !



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When the earthquake took place, I was for a coffe at 38°04,532N 22°38,436E :huh: (Xylokastro), about 149 miles (208 Km) from the point of the earthquake.

I felt smooth, weavy, long lasting movings of the ground, something like been in a boat. Nothing happend, no panic at all to anyone in the cafe. Cellular phones died for about 10 minutes and... that's all.

The magnitude was 6.9! The good point is that it happened 75 Km below the sealevel, in the sea. So, no damage at all for the event! Nobody hurt. TV channels tried to make it "big story of today" (as usual) but today we forgot it.

Anyway, thanks for the interest.

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:o We were surprised how much we felt the quake in the Rethimno area on Crete. The floor was mooving in a way. But the people in the our small village was calm, and we all went in again after a short time. It was not reported any damage in this area as in Hania and Kissamos areas.


:o Nice to have a greek forum

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