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60cs And Topo Maps

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I have three sets of maps on my 60cs and on Mapsource:


- CitySelect Europe

- Topo for half of Germany

- (Most recently acquired) topo for part of France.


If I try and navigate between two points, here's what happens:

- CitySelect (60cs or Mapsource): routing works, as you'd expect.

- Topo Germany (60cs or Mapsource): routing doesn't work: once it's off the basemap, it's a straight line. Disappointing, but it's advertised as such.

- Topo France: here's where is gets interesting.:

- In Mapsource these maps are completely routable - you can plan a 12 mile hike and it will calculate paths along forest trails.

- On the 60cs, it "sort of" works. It generates a trail route. However, this comes at a cost: all the map detail disappears, and all you can see is a brown background with the route in pink. If you change the zoom, the map detail appears for a second, then this extra "phantom routing layer" jumps on it.


Does anyone else have experience with routable topo maps ? If so, is there some setting to prevent the routing info from obscuring the topo data on the GPSr ?




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Those aren't Garmin products.  I'd contact the map developers.

Yes, I have. But I thought maybe someone here had experience with them - or products which produce similar results.

If you can see part of the other map for an instant, you have two maps covering the same area, both selected as "on". This would be a probability if you have "non-Garmin" maps created with "Map Edit" or such. Don't know the exact in or outs, but before I made my topo maps "transparent", I would see the topo for an instant, and then the "other" Garmin map would overlay it and block it out. You will see this happen anytime you have a "re-draw" of the map. Try turning off one of the mapsets.

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Got it... I had an overlap from another map (German topo), which had no data for my area but which was "dangling an empty square" into it. When I disabled this map, it worked fine. I'd previously disabled all the others, but not this one as "I'm not in Germany" (yes, but the map sectors don't stop at the border even if the data does).


I found this myself, but stevesisti's post was spot on.

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