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Can't Change My Avatar

Prying Pandora

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With the search feature disabled, I can't look this up and have to ask.


I changed my avatar several times over the holidays with no problem. Now it is stuck on New Year's! When I edit my profile, it indicates the avatar I have chosen, but it won't change on the forum and I've been trying for days! Is there some limit on avatar changes that I unknowingly went over? If I say I'm very sorry and promise not to mess with it for a while, can I at least get it stuck on my normal avatar?

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Where is this register link? I tried logging out of both the site and the forums, closed my browser, reopened it, logged back in...


okay, my problem was that I had logged in. You only see the 'register' link if aren't logged in. I have to say, that's a most counterintuitive method for updating an avatar!


Did you re-register the change after selecting your new avatar?

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