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Archived Things, And Other Stuff

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see this thread: archived marks still showing for approval


so it seems that archived things are causing issues and need some attention.


i have 2 archived marks. one was denied, the other was before i had spoke with the category owner and changed the requirements--payphones needed to accept incoming calls. paypahones are automatic. no issues. the fountain needs approval, but after denial it still shows for approval. SEE ABOVE LINK. these 2 marks are also appraring at the END of 'my waymarks' and are included in the 'total' waymarks--i assume, i am not going to count all the pages.


should there not be a seperate link on the right under 'my waymarks' that would have 'my archived waymarks'. this could then remove them from 'my stats' as they never really existed, due to requirement failure.


this brings the point that i logged the fountain before it was denied. therefore i have a 'stat' in 'my stats' for a waymark that never existed. so logs need to be withheld (in limbo) until the mark is approved.


this leads us to archiving logs. yes i could just archive the log, removing it from the stats--well, has this been tested? does archiving a log remove it from the stats? why would i want to archive this log? i should want to delete it. but there is no delete. as far as i know you have 1 hour after logging to update the log TEXT. you can eternally (?) upload a pic for that log. i have made a mistake on a log, and wrote the wrong text--happens when you do many in a small time span. it was after the time fram, so i had to archive it. i couldnt just edit it to the right text.


the same goes for pics. i have uploaded the wrong pic for a mark. there is not way to delete it. you have to archive it and upload another.


many of these issuse should be incorporated into the 'code', right? i am not that knowledgable about writing computer scripts and codes, but i do know how they operate--to an extent. these are going to be the check and balances in this big scheme we have. yes it is going to be a peer ran and reviewed community, but there still has to be some underlying leadership and structuring. EDIT: are all these archived things not going to eventually eat the servers?


figure out all the 'ifs', 'thens', and 'hows'. put them in the correct order, and we are set to go.


this is a circular process:


brainstorm->create->implement->evaluate-> (repeat)

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