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Many important issues were brought up, but one is missing.


I must respect the salesperson for his environmental concern, however if he did not try to discuss pedometer accuracy and you’re your reasons for purchase, he has lost my respect.


A pedometer measures the distance traveled, which a GPS also does. The pedometer counts the number of steps, and assumes that the length of the step is uniform. Uniformity of steps is extremely rare while bushwhacking.

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When one group says that we have to walk light so we can hear the birds only and not see another footprint, these are from people who can carry 65 lb over a 10 mile hike and think nothing of it. So sure, they don't want anyone updertting their serenity.


It doesn't have to be all or nothing - either way.



A person who preserves the wilderness for their own use (whether for hiking, ATV or other) is selfish not an environmentalist. The wilderness should be protected because it has value not for what it can do for us (humankind) but in and of itself. In environmental cirlces it is called "intrinsic" value.

How a person travels through the 'wilderness' shows what they value. Do you see the trees between you and the cache as an obstacle that must be conquered or removed, a challenge that is part of the game, the home of birds and animals or a miraculous part of creation/evolution/mother earth that should be respected and protected?

Changing others values, especially through a online forum is probably impossible. Changing yourself is alot easier.

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