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Waas Enable?


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I'm a newby to most of this, and I had a question,

It's my understanding from reading the manuals, that when you enable the WAAS satelites on the units, they will get you alot closer, and be alot more accurate in pinpointing a spot.

I noticed that when I "enable waas" on my Legend, the accuracy reading at the top gets alot bigger numbers, i.e. waas enabled = accurate to 65 ft., waas disabled = accurate to 19 feet.

I figured it would be the other way around? Am I missing something here? Or do I just not understand the WAAS thing??

Aren't they supposed to make it MORE accurate?

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Yes, WAAS enabled will increase your postion accuracy. Of course you need to be where you can "see" a WAAS bird. Almost anywhere in the U.S. you should be able to see one of the two SVs, but they are low on the horizon. If there are obstructions such as mountains it will be difficult to receive signals. It takes a while to first get WAAS correctional data so be patient next time you have a clear view of the horizon. The Legend will hunt for a WAAS bird and will cycle through the almanac until it finds one. This may take a while, so lay it down and have a cup of coffee. You will see "D's" on each signal bar when (if) they are differentially corrected. Once it locates one it will be in its almanac and will find it faster next time. My legend often shows a position of +/- 6', and all the time +/- 12' with WAAS enabled in Albany, NY at N. 42° 39', W. 73° 45'. Good luck, it will improve your accuracy! I leave mine permanently enabled.

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