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St2gpx Question....


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I had read in the forum the other day about using ST2GPX to convert a route in MS S&T to a form that's usable with the GSAK poly filter. I did find the file, but I'm having trouble running it-- I can't get to the command line to run it. When I double click on the executable, I get a quick flash on the screen that it's been called up, but it blips off immediately.


Bear in mind that command lines and I are not friends.


Can someone give me a heads-up on how to call it up? I know, I should be able to figure this out on my own, but I'm a GUI/visually oriented person. I get a little dyslexic when a lot of text is involved. I also have a C> phobia.


I'm trying to work a route to Branson, MO by Friday -- planning a cache raid along the way. It's a real pain to work with MapSend; S&T makes it a lot easier to get a decent route.


Slowly plugging my way thru the software maze...

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Here are some simple, step by step instructions:

-- Open "Command Prompt" from your "Accessories" folder;

-- change to the directory where you installed st2gpx;

-- at the command prompt enter: st2gpx filter.est –G filter.gpx

where filter.est is stored in your current directoryand filter.gpx will be created in your current directory.

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