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Locationless Caches?

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Locationless caches can no longer be created. Here's some information on the ones currently in existence.


From the guidelines:


Reverse Virtual (Locationless) Caches


Locationless caches are a variation of virtual caches, but with no specific location to visit. Instead, the cache hunter is instructed to search for an object that meets certain criteria and report its coordinates. Many times the seeker is also asked to provide an original photograph of the location to provide proof of visitation. (Note: All Locationless caches will migrate to the Waymarking.com site as of January 2006. They will no longer be available on Geocaching.com)




Guidelines that apply to grandfathered cache types


Virtual, Reverse Virtual (Locationless) Caches and Earthcaches


These are special categories of caches that ask the seeker to find a pre-existing item to log. We are no longer accepting new Virtual Caches, Webcam Caches, Reverse Virtual Caches, or Earth Caches. Caches which existed before August of 2005 have been allowed to remain as grandfathered caches.

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Locationless caches didn't work for Geocaching.com. Prior to migrating them to Waymarking, there had been a moratorium in effect since early 2003 for new locationless cache submissions. So that aspect of the game was "frozen" with just the 250 or so categories. Waymarking allows for new categories to be created.


I am not sure what it is about Waymarking that doesn't work for you, but if you read in the Waymarking section of the forum, you'll see that plenty of other people have voiced complaints. In some cases, the developers have taken that feedback and promised to provide new/better features.

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