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Help, How To Put Waypoints Onto Rino 120


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You need a piece of software on your PC that will read the downloaded file information and convert it into data to load into your GPSr. The two most popular are EasyGPS (free) and Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (a/k/a "GSAK") (techicnically free, but registration nags after 21 days). GSAK is muck more powerful, although with a bit of a learning curve, and well worth registering. ClydeE, who maintains the software, is always around in the forums to answer any questions.


More info can be found on the Resources link of the Geocaching.com main page (or by clicking here).

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As others have noted, give EasyGPS a shot. You can get by with the .loc files with EasyGPS.


Since you've upgraded to a Premium Membership, go ahead and get GSAK from gsak.net as well. Yes, there's a learning curve, but with GSAK you can use the .GPX files and view your pocket queries off line.


(You do know about pocket queries, right? That's the whole reason why you got a Premium Membership.)

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Cymbaline, I assume you have a Rino. I hooked my Rino to the serial cable & then a USB converter... I get power to the Rino but after installing EasyGPS it does not see my Rino installed. Have you seen this? I can't tell that my computer sees my Rino at all.

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We're moving into the realm of "Identifying COM: ports on Windows now." Assuming you're using Windows, of course. If you're using an iMac/other Apple product, ignore all this. I don't have one of htose in front of me.


I'm using XP, so you may have to do *slightly* differently, but hopefully you can follow along if using 98 or 2000 or "other". Key is getting into your systems' Device Manager settings.


- Right click "My Computer" on your desktop.

- Select "Properties"

- Select "Hardware" tab.

- Select "Device Manager"

- Expand the "+" sign next to "Ports (COM and LPT)"


You may have multiple COM entries here, one of which a default "Communications Port (COM1)." That's not it. Does one of them say something about "USB Serial Adapter" or something along those lines? Hopefully it does. What number is attached it's COM? I.E. COM5? COM11? Keep that one in mind.


Load EasyGPS, and somewhere in it's configurations, you need to tell it what COM port to use. Set it to the com port you just made a note of, connect the GPS, turn it on, and then try sending. Hopefully, it'll work. (I'd tell you exactly where, but I don't have EasyGPS loaded on my system anymore.)


If you don't see the extra USB Serial Port in your Device Manager settings, then you've got a different problem entirely.

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You might need to change you settings on the Rino. I think you need it set to Garmin. The information is on page 77 of the owners manual.


To access the Interface Setup Page:

1. Press the Page key or the Menu icon to open

the Main Menu.

2. In the Main Menu, scroll down and select Setup.

3. Select the Interface icon to open the Interface

Setup Page.

Interface Setup Page

The available interface formats are:

Garmin—The proprietary format used to exchange

waypoint, track, and map data with a PC. Use this setting

for transferring data when using a MapSource product.



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