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Multi-cache Hiking Route Suggestions...?

Angry Marmot
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I am new to geocaching and recently a buddy flew down from Alaska and we did a great 13+ hike hitting nine caches, including the Mission #9 APE cache. This hike was simply outstanding and allowed us to hit some interesting points of interest while also having fun scouting out the caches. The success of this outing was due to great suggestions from all of you on this board and I was hoping to get yet more advice on future trips.


What I am looking for is ideas for other similar hiking routes that would allow us to hit multiple caches while also hiking to some neat destinations. Because my buddies live out of state I want to make the most of the couple days that they have here and hit the spot(s) that pack the best ratio of cool caches and neat locations. So if you were in my shoes, which multi cache hiking routes would you take them on when they hit town next?


Again thanks for the previous suggesitons and any information and input is greatly appreciated. Peace. -JB

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There are an awful lot of places to hike and grab caches. Mount Pilchuck has 4 on its 6 mile RT hike, and there are a number more coming and going to it.


The Lime Kiln Trail has 4 or 5 caches, and is on the way to and from Pilchuck.


Another fine cache route that is 12 miles or so is the Mount Si/Teneriffe traverse. It will keep you up pretty high for much of the hike, and it has 6 or 7 caches along it.


Another higher trek, on the order of 10 or 12 miles is the Snow, Gem, Melakwa Lake Traverse. Good for 5 or 6 caches, and stunning views, its one I have my eye on for next summer.


Have fun caching....

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Mt. Loop Hwy is one of my favorite area's, starting at Frank Mason park, our little train Loci, placed by Cache ahead, and over a doz. other caches up the Mt. Loop Hwy, some very easy and some that are heart pounding, and three cache's at the ice caves which in the fall is very colorful and all the way to Monte Cristo :(

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