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I Started A Forum


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I started a forum on Runboard.com, they were free so I decided to make one. I'd like it to be for cachers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and anyone just interested in caching there. No one has joined yet, so I may delete it if it doesn't pan out. But here is the idea behind it:


A place for cachers, regardless of the other geocaching groups they belong to, (i.e. GEOKY or KTAG, or any others) to talk about caching or anything else. (Off topic area, but still under basic subject rules, i.e. nothing offensive.) Maybe a smaller forum would welcome people who are overwhelmed by the main forums. This forum will not be associated with an organization, it's just a everyone welcome posting area.


There is a link to it in my sig line. You can post here in these forums to say you like it, or if you don't. It's a demand thing, if I don't get many members I'll delete the forum. If there is no need for it I'll delete it. Just putting the idea out here and see if anyone likes it.

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