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'yacht Clubs' Around The World--large Or Small

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This category was proposed over a year ago and refused by the "Approver", as a new way of listing was about to take place (and all future listings were also closed until further notice)

.. So how do we list new ones that were not on (or in) the 'Locationless' categories? B)

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Further to my proposal of last year of this category.


There are many 'Yacht Clubs' around the world with as few as 6 members to a few hundred. (San Diego about 1100 flag members)

The logger would have to submit some detail as of the mode of transportation.. eg. power or sail. The number of transient/permament berths, slips or moorings.. etc. If the club has a junior sailing program....number of members...if open to local residents only and if they are a reciprocal club....possible membership/docking fees :rolleyes:


The World's oldest 'Yacht Clubs' :blink:

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