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Garmin Cigarette Adapter/cable...

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Okay, I admit it. I'm an idiot. But I thought I'd admit my stupidity incase there are others llke me out there.


About six months ago I was hooking up my 60CS to its cigarette adapter when I put the plug in at an odd angle and bent one of the prongs in the back of the GPS. I straightened out but the cable just wouldn't provide power. I figured I fried it or somethingn so I ordered a new one.


A few days ago I plugged in the new adapter and no power.


I was about to toss it and order a new one when I noticed the little sticker on the cable that says "Fuse 1.5 amps).




I guess I never paid much attention. I unscrewed the little chrome nut on the end of the plug and sure enough a fuse dropped out and it was blown. That got me thinking so I dug out the old cable (I never throw anything away).


Same thing -- blown fuse.


I bought new fuses and both work perfectly now.


I really need to pay more attention.


Anyway I mention it just incase there are others out there like me.


Live and learn. ;D

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