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Gpsr Data Format To Usgs

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I read the USGS FAQs page so I have a good idea of when to submit updated coordinates and the actual coordinate format. Is there any standard phraseology for how to word the input? Do I need to include type of GPSr? Should I include the satellite and error data at the time of my mark? I envision something like:




Just wondering what everyone else has done in this respect.

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A minor correction. USGS is a different agency than NGS. USGS does maps and manages mineral resources. NGS is a scientific agency that does geodesy and other neat things. They are under different cabinet offices and don't share budgets or personnel.


The wonderful folks at NGS are the ones we work with for benchmarking. If we refer to them by the wrong agency name, we are giving credit (or blame) where it is not due.

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I'll add that recently those reporting to NGS pretty much agreed that it does not make sense to include your GPS reading when the mark has ADJUSTED horizontal coordinates. Our equipment pales in comparison with the accuracy of the published coordinates.


When the horiz coordinates are SCALED, add as the last line, something like:


HANDHELD GPS READING: N35 38 51.2 W78 48 23.7


Other tips:


*Avoid the term "updated coordinates", since we simply are submitting a reading we got on a device which everyone recognizes can be off by several feet.


*No need to include the brand/model receiver, nor the "error" reading.


*While on the scene, make notes regarding satellite reception. You will have an opportunity to render an opinion on suitability during the logging process. Note adverse conditions; i.e., directly beside a three-story building or boulder, under a thick tree canopy, etc. (NGS has guidelines on the page where you enter this information.) Keep in mind that I DON'T KNOW is one of the answer boxes and is an appropriate option in many cases.


*Never include your GPS elevation reading in NGS reports. The vertical accuracy just isn't present in a consumer-grade GPS receiver.


Welcome to the growing number of folks who submit reports to NGS. I think I speak for many when I say that if you are in doubt concerning wording, ask in the Forum--remembering that there is a special section devoted to NGS. Ask away....and your answer might come directly from a NGS staffer!



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