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Asking Permission.


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I am pretty new to caching, I have four caches placed, but they are all in cemeteries. I'm looking to get out of the graveyards. I'd like to know where are places I can put caches without permission, and places where I do. For example, I don't ask permission for cemeteries because their public property and in my area, whose gonna know it's there besides us cachers.


Are there any general ideas on wether or not I need to ask permission to put caches in places like public city parks, state parks, boat ramp areas, overlooks, and other places like that?


Thanks, Airmapper

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There are a lot of people in South Carolina who would say otherwise about cemeteries, so watch your step.


I see you are in KY. I know there is a permit policy for the state parks there. And more and more often, county and city park systems are adopting geocaching policies as well. These vary widely by region so it is best to ask other geocachers in your area to find out what the rules are where you live. A really good way to do this is to join your local geocaching organization. Many organizations have websites and/or forums that discuss land manager issues.

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I do belong to GEOKY, and I am somewhat familiar with the State park regs. I have an area that dosen't have many caches, and most public land isn't really supervised by anyone. I have a park nearby I won't put a cache in because the weeds are tall and the place is a dump.


I'm thinking more about city/ county parks, river use areas, and other public use areas.


Thanks for the input.

I'll take this thread up with the locals.

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