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Looking For A Rhino

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Check out http://www.gpsonsale.com/garmin/products/Rino-120.htm


Its a referb unit for $169.99 but still a good price. I may get one just cause a few friends have them and the walkie talkie feature is nice.


Althought you may want to wait a few months. Garmin just introduced the 500 series Rino. Nice color screen, additional range (up to 12 miles!!) so we may see some better deals or closeouts on the older models. Good luck!



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I'm not sure when a price drop would happen. Its just speculation. Usually when a new product comes out and older will drop in price. So who knows. I would get the 120 or 130 over the 110 cause they do mapping. That same site as mentioned above has a new 120 for $195.99. I know the feeling, I just got ride of my old yellow thing too. I've used the 120 before on backpacking trips with the scouts. The mapping is great to have. We let the scout who we think is most likely to get lost "use" the other one. Another time we had someone coming to meet us, but we had moved camp site. He had one and knew right were to find us. Great little units.



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