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Creation Of A Waymark - Should It Require A Gpsr?

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I've seen some debate on the question of whether the creation of a waymark requires going to the site and getting coordinates with your GPS receiver or not.


I haven't seen a definitive answer to this question that I could find in the Waymarking FAQ, glossary, forums, etc..


I have looked at several categories. Some require a personal visit with a GPSr to create a waymark, and others do not. Some categories don't even specifically require that a waymark log require a personal visit to the waymark.


Does the general concept of Waymarking not require personal visits to the waymarks when establishing them or logging them?

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It depends on the category whether a GPS is required (or visiting it for that matter). IMO the most important thing is the accuracy of the coordinates and the details.


I have put in a feature request to add a checkbox for category managers to check or uncheck that notifies users whether a GPS unit is required. All this really does is show an icon on the logging requirements so the person knows the intent of the category manager.


Many features will be at the category level, meaning that the requirements will change from category to category. It is our job to make the requirements more visible to those who are interested in posting new locations. Admittedly we need some more work in making those requirements more obvious.

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The checkbox idea is good for making basic requirement variables clear to people who want to create a waymark or log one before they set out to do it. Participants will get used to observing these basic checkboxes.


Three checkbox concepts that I see you mention in recent topics are:

1. Whether a GPSr is required

2. Whether a photo is required

3. Whether a personal visit is required


There could also be others such as:

Whether a picture including the GPSr is required

Whether a picture including a picure of the user is required


The checkboxes could be on both levels with inheritance - they would be checked or left as default by:

1. The category creator

2. The waymark creator

The category creator would have checkboxes to require things of both waymark creation and logging, and the waymark creator would have logging options to change for just the checkboxes for those things that the category creator left as unspecified (default) for logging.

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