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Alan White
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I'm another one of those using GSAK to get my pocket queries, and was a bit upset when my pocket queries kept being turned off. I looked all over the pocket query page and didn't see a single notice or reference to this new policy there, on the very page which is affected. Why in the world didn't they post something there with instructions that you're to keep an eye on your PQ emails and click links every time? Of all the places on the website or in PQ emails, surely that would have made the most sense!


But, forgetting that huge oversight, can't everyone agree that dead PQs are NOW FLUSHED from the system?


Shouldn't the new policy be something like: "Every January 1st and July 1st, all PQ schedules will be turned off. This will remove the server overload from unused PQs. Resetting your PQs on those days will allow them to run for another six months." Is there any problem with using this as a method for controlling the servers' resources?


Why in the name of all that's holy do ALL ACTIVE PQs have to be renewed EVERY week? That's just crazy. The dead ones are now cleaned out. Let's ask TPTB to come up with a new policy that periodically DOES THE JOB of cleaning out old PQs while not forcing extra work on everyone who uses them. Honestly, does anyone LIKE having to constantly reconfirm their PQs? Can't the above procedure work just as well?


Besides, every time someone has to click a link in their PQ email, that's causing YET ANOTHER burden on the web server AND the PQ database!!!


Seems like such a simple change to me, one that maybe could have been worked out a little better.

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I checked around the office and no one seems to know about this. Do you have an email giving you permission outside of the TOS of the site?

Was Hydee in the office when you asked?


As for the email, no, I believe it was through the PM system of the forums, but I could be wrong.

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