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Event Caches

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I think event caches and CITO's may remain on GC.com. I think I saw a post by Jeremy stating that.


Both have physical logsheets (at least every one I've ever been to has) so that does set them apart from a locationless or virtual - even though they are typically easy to find and temporary caches.


Good question. Let me poke about and see if I can find that post.



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Thank you Southdeltan. I knew it must have been discussed by now. I copied the question and the response from Jeremy below.


QUOTE (TerryDad2 @ Aug 18 2005, 12:00 PM)

In reading through the posts, I didn't see what would actually happen to events and CITOs. I only saw restless fuming.


QUOTE (Jeremy) Probably because the answer is "nothing".

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