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Stealth Cache?

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It means that the cache is in a public and possibly crowded place, and you should try not to draw attention to yourself. A lot of people do this by kneeling and tying their shoes while looking for the cache, or talking on their GPSr like it's a cell phone, taking touristy photos in the area, or even carrying around a clipboard and trying to look official. I've generally found that the more you act like you aren't doing anything unusual, the less likely you are to draw any attention at all. If you're creeping around glancing over your shoulder, people wonder what you're doing. If you walk up, snag the cache and walk off without any hesitation, nobody looks twice.

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Having two of your friends pretend to speak in a fake foreign language to attract attention away from you while you search somewhere doesn't work.


I speak from experience, unfortunately.


Particularly if you are caching along, some of the worst caches to find without drawing attention to yourself are one's hidden at playgrounds (unless you happen to be 12 years old). Being 23 years old, I look rather out of place lurking around in bushes at playgrounds. :D:o

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