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Phoenix: Non-urban, Non-stealthy


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My wife and I have planned a week long geocaching trip to Phoenix in November. I searched the forums and found lots of suggestions for quick layover-type caches; however, I am hoping people could suggest some good caching areas for non-urban, non-stealthy type caches.


Looking at the geocaching.com maps it appears that the Tonto National Forest has lots of caches. Are there any other nice forests or parks that are scenic and have some caches that we should visit?


Thanks for any input!



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Yeah, the areas Cow Spot mentions are terrific places to cache. There are some good caches in South Mountain and if you're exhausted and not up to the hike, you can actually drive to the top and there are a few caches just a little ways from the parking areas. One of our favorite places is in the Thunderbird Park area. We spent a morning there once and easily bagged 7 caches (while passing another 5 or 6 that we had already done). For a good reference for these caches checkout

Tbird Park - Moo and Rocky's View. This cache and the other 2 nearest it are on what seemed like a less traveled area to us. Be sure to check our log entry for a couple photos of the amazing views! Let us know if you're looking for something closer, maybe we can offer up some further suggestions.


J of AZBliss02

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