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Garmin - Navigation With Via Points Questions

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So this past week, I tried using my VistaC with City Select to do some navigation as part of a bike trip I was doing. It did fairly well, but there were a couple of times (particularly at the start) where it didn't think that I had reached the first point, and so kept giving me directions to loop around to get back to that first point. Eventually, it would give up on that and route properly, I think usually when I was approaching the next via point. Is there any way to tell the unit while navigating to skip a particular via point other than to keep going and hope it figures it out? I've tried looking through the manual, and not found anything. (Stopping active navigation and editing the route, then restarting would work, but it's not quite what I'm looking for). The manuals do seem to be a little sparse on info - I set up these routes from printed directions for the trip on the GPSr itself, using the map button and clicking from point to point to generate each via point at the next set of turns. This seems to work when the route either has no points listed, or just one point listed. Once multiple points have been made part of the route, I can't seem to get it back into that mode (which is kind of like using the routing tool in Mapsource). This feature doesn't seem to have any documentation in the manuals, which is why I'm not sure whether there's something I'm missing about doing routes that way.



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