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60cs - Change Caching Icons To Cache Type

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This has probably been asked, and maybe should be pinned??


Is there a step by step instruction sheet to change the default Geocaching icons (chest/open chest) on the 60cs to the cache type (traditional, multi etc) icons used with Geocaching.com?


I assume that this is done through PQ's, > GSAK > 60cs, correct?


I do remember seeing a post with a zip file of the icons, but I cannot seem to locate it now. I also remember reading that changing the icons will loose the geocaching functionality on the 60cs.

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On a 60 series the Find > Geocache > enter ..... shows all waypoints with a closed chest. Once you mark it as found it changes the symbol to an open chest. That is the only way geocache mode functions "that I know of".


Find > Waypoint > enter ....... shows all waypoints regardless of symbol type that are entered into memory. You can then do a MENU and choose sort by symbol.


If you did a seperate pocket querey for each cache type, you could open each querey in GSAK or MapSource and assign a different symbol to them before sending them to the 60.


Garmin has free Ximage tool so you can create custom symbol icons if you do not like the stock selection. I have not used it .... but will soon.


I use cachemate along with pocket queries and the cache type information is part of the database transfered to my PDA. :lol: ImpalaBob


I think this will get you and the thread started.

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The geocaching mode can only have one set of icons set (closed chest / open chest) but you can choose what icon you want set to each not found, and found.


To change the icon used for found or not fount go to the menu>setup> geocache setup. if you want to use any custom icons you will need to load them up with ximage first.




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